Setting rates as a freelancer is not an easy task. It's really something that causes creatives to experience quite a lot of headaches.

We collected the latest findings from the Wishu community and Bectu to provide you with a price guide for creative freelancers working in creative and commercial projects. Please note that these pricing rates are based on averages. To get the right rate estimate we would encourage you to use either the Your Rate calculator or the formula. We're working hard to include more professions & niches to this pricing guide, if you cannot find your profession price guide please note we'll be updating this constantly.

Use Your Rate to calculate your rates:

Your Rate

Forumla to consider:

<aside> 💡 Your Desired Annual Salary + 30% / 220

Example: Desired Salary £45,000 30% compensation for sick days & holidays 220 Avg. working days in a year

£45,000 x 30% = £58,500 £58,500 / 220 = £265.90 is your day rate


Pricing for 2021/22:

Freelancer: Creative & Design / Design & Branding

Freelancer: Video Editor

Freelancer: Videographer

Freelancer: Special Effects (SFX)

Freelancer: Photographer

Freelancer: Makeup/Hair Artist